Yasin: Tanzania



Yasin is 13 years old and lives with his grandfather in Urambo District, Tanzania. When he was nine, Yasin got sick and his health rapidly deteriorated. His grandfather took him to the Foundation-supported Urambo District Hospital, where a doctor diagnosed him as HIV-positive

”After learning I was HIV-positive, my grandfather told me that both of my parents died of AIDS. I cried with bitterness--but my grandfather told me that the doctors at the hospital promised to treat me and that I would get better,” Yasin recalls.

Yasin started taking medicine immediately following his diagnosis, and began counseling for drug adherence and health education. He is now healthy, a student in school, and attends monthly meetings of the Urambo Ariel Club, a support group for children living with HIV named after Elizabeth Glaser’s daughter Ariel, who died of AIDS-related illness.

Through the Ariel Club, Yasin has the opportunity to meet fellow children living with HIV. Together, the group shares stories, experiences, and challenges -- and the children help one another discover solutions for their problems.

Yasin is grateful to the Foundation for its HIV care and treatment services and support. He appreciates the Urambo health workers efforts towards making him happy and healthy.