Rose: Malawi

James Pursey/EGPAF

I have five children--but it should be six. Before my last was born, I had a miscarriage after suffering from an illness while pregnant. It turned out that I was HIV-positive.

My husband, Jimmy, and I were very sad and I told him to get tested too. He was positive as well.

After time, I felt much better and we decided we wanted another child. But we were scared because of our HIV-positive status. Health workers at an outreach clinic advised us that it was possible for an HIV-positive mother to have an HIV-negative baby. We followed the prevention guidelines very strictly.

Today, we have an 18-month-old daughter named Dalice. She was tested for HIV at five months and again at 10 months of age. I’m proud to report that she is HIV-negative and very healthy.

Jimmy and I are now peer educators for a Gomeza village community organization and psychosocial support group. We use ourselves as examples of how you can be HIV-positive, but stay healthy and have a healthy HIV-negative child.

We live a full life -- a life of hope. But we always advise people to take care, and above all, get tested for HIV.