Jamie Gentille: Foundation Ambassdaor

EGPAF Ambassador Jamie Gentille

We asked Jamie why she is committed to creating an AIDS-free generation:

I'm committed to creating an AIDS-free generation because 25 years ago, somebody committed to saving my life.

I was infected with HIV when I was three years old, through a blood transfusion during open heart surgery. When my family learned of my infection, there was no hope.

They were told that I had two years to live.

Thankfully, Elizabeth, Susan, and Susie had just begun their fight to save lives. Their determination led to better research and the development of medications for children infected with HIV.

Now, at age 34, I am living proof that their dedication has moved mountains. I live a healthy life with my husband of seven years, with an enriching career, and proudly sharing my story of survival in my memoir, "Surviving HIV: Growing Up a Secret and Being Positive."

My survival is my connection. My life is my connection. I'm alive today because three friends sat around a kitchen table and decided that they would act. That they would do something. That they would save lives.

Look at how far we have come in 25 years. Imagine where we can go from here.