Board of Directors

EGPAF’s board of directors provides strategic leadership and governance of our global organization. Since our inception 25 years ago, EGPAF’s board has contributed their talent, expertise, and dedication to advance EGPAF’s mission to end AIDS in children, effectively articulating the organization's goals and carefully stewarding its resources and reputation.

Willow Bay, Co-Chair

Willow Bay first became involved with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) like so many others—as a volunteer working to stop the HIV epidemic that was raging across the United States. At the 1994 Kids 4 Kids event in New York City, Bay had her first interaction with EGPAF and its co-founders, Elizabeth Glaser, Susan DeLaurentis, and Susie Zeegen. At the time, they were some of the only people advocating for children living with HIV.

“Meeting Elizabeth, Susan, and Susie and witnessing their passion and commitment firsthand is what inspired me to become more involved with EGPAF,” says Bay. “Susie’s big-heartedness was especially moving—her genuine warmth and compassion coupled with the way she interacted with everyone supporting EGPAF kept me coming back year after year.”

Bay’s role has changed in many ways since she first began working with EGPAF. For more than 20 years, she has been involved in many different parts of the organization, including celebrity and athlete recruitment efforts, as well as visiting EGPAF sites in Africa. Today she serves as co-chair of the EGPAF board of directors .... Read more of Willow's story here.

Russ Hagey, Co-Chair

It all started with a call from Kate Carr, CEO of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) back in 1998.

Russ Hagey, then a partner at Bain & Company, answered the call and was quickly convinced that together they could help make history and save lives by helping EGPAF develop its emerging global strategy. That pro bono partnership was instrumental in laying the groundwork for the EGPAF board to launch its Call to Action in 1999, a bold plan to expand operations into six countries in sub-Saharan Africa. 

“The board recognized that that this was not a U.S. issue; it was a global issue—and the place where it was most severe was Africa,”.... Read more of Russ' story here.

Paul Johnson, Board Member

When Paul Johnson joined the board of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) in 2002, the scrappy nonprofit was on the cusp of change. Three years earlier, EGPAF had taken its fight against AIDS global by setting up operations in six African nations.

In 2003, EGPAF was handed tools for dramatic global success against pediatric AIDS. The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), was directing funds toward initiatives to eliminate AIDS—especially in sub-Saharan Africa home to two-thirds of the people living with HIV. With its successful track record .... Read more of Paul's story here.