Communications Workers of America

Elizabeth Glaser speaking at the 1990 CWA Convention.

Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation have had a long history. CWA delegates to the 1990 CWA Convention adopted the Foundation as their charity of choice after hearing Elizabeth’s personal story and the devastating effects of Pediatric AIDS. Elizabeth Glaser took the microphone and passionately described her fight to eradicate the disease after learning she had been infected with HIV/AIDS from a blood transfusion. 

As our Charity of Choice locals commit to donating $1 per member per year to the Foundation.  Over the last 23 years CWA locals have raised more than $7 million dollars for the Foundation.
CWA Secretary-Treasurer Annie Hill says “our union’s involvement with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation is another way for our members to act on their values as working people, another way to tap strength in numbers. Together, we can save lives.”

In 2010, Elizabeth’s son was invited to address the CWA convention. Then 25 and healthy, he took the podium to a standing ovation and emotionally thanked those gathered in the room for their commitment to the foundation and their help in the fight to eliminate pediatric HIV and AIDS.

An excerpt from Jake Glaser’s remarks: Beyond raising these critical funds, you have done so much more. You stood up and said there are families who need our help and you didn’t let them down. You raised your voice along with us, to speak out for those who can’t, and let the world know that what you have does not define who you are. You were there at the beginning, you were there through all our work around the world, and I know you’ll be there at the end, when we reach our goal and eliminate pediatric AIDS once and for all.

Communications Workers of America congratulates the Foundation on its 25th anniversary and inspired, by Elizabeth, by Jake and by countless others – we will work to ensure that ending pediatric HIV/AIDS is no longer a dream but becomes a reality. Too many children, mothers and families are still counting on us.

Watch an excerpt of Elizabeth's speech at the 1990 CWA Convention.