Journal Articles | July 2017

Voluntary medical male circumcision among adolescents: a missed opportunity for HIV behavioral interventions


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Kaufman, Michelle R.a; Dam, Kim H.b; Van Lith, Lynn M.b; Hatzold, Karinc; Mavhu, Websterd; Kahabuka, Catherinee; Mahlasela, Lusandaf; Marcell, Arik V.g; Patel, Eshan U.l; Figueroa, Maria Elenab; Njeuhmeli, Emmanuelh; Seifert-Ahanda, Kimh; Ncube, Getrudei; Lija, Gissengej; Bonnecwe, Collenk; Tobian, Aaron A.R.l


Tanzania; Zimbabwe


Pediatric HIV Diagnosis, Care and Treatment

VMMC is one of the first opportunities for adolescent males in African countries to interact with the health care system; HIV counseling at this interaction could maximize HIV prevention opportunities. This study explored male adolescent knowledge around HIV after VMMC and assessed health worker experiences through interviews with 92 VMMC clients (ages 10–19 years) and 33 health providers in South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. Clients in all countries reported that limited information was provided about HIV prevention and care during VMMC. Providers reported spending little time talking about HIV prevention, including condom use. This study identifies this male youth interaction in the health care system as a missed opportunity in furthering prevention of HIV in this population.

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