Issue Briefs | February 2019

National Policy Assessment

Creating an Enabling Environment for Effective and Innovative Pediatric Tuberculosis Diagnostic and Treatment Interventions
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Cameroon; Côte d’Ivoire; Democratic Republic of Congo; India; Kenya; Lesotho; Malawi; Tanzania; Uganda; Zimbabwe


CaP TB; Health Systems Strengthening; Policy & Advocacy; Tuberculosis

National Policy assessment on creating an enabling environment for effective and innovative pediatric TB diagnostic and treatment intervention. This document contains an assessment of policies related to pediatric TB diagnosis and treatment across 11 countries. The indicators are closely linked to the key actions of the “Roadmap towards ending TB in Children and Adolescents” ( For each section a call to action is formulated. It should be used to promote the strongest possible policy, regulatory and financial environment for introducing and scaling up effective TB diagnosis and treatment.