Journal Articles | November 2018

Impact of a Comprehensive Adolescent-Focused Case Finding Intervention on Uptake of HIV Testing and Linkage to Care Among Adolescents in Western Kenya

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Judith Kose, Appolinaire Tiam, Bernard Ochuka, Elizabeth Okoth, Joram Sunguti, Michael Waweru, Eliud Mwangi, Theresa Wolters, and Natella Rakhmanina




Adolescent Care & Treatment; Strategic Information, Evaluation and Research

This manuscript describes the evaluation of an innovative adolescent package that included staff capacity building, program performance monitoring tools, an adolescent-focused HIV risk screening tool and adolescent-friendly health center hours that was implemented to improve care among adolescents aged 10-19 years in Western Kenya. This quasi-experimental study used program data at pre- and post-intervention periods to describe the effects of this adolescent package at 139 health care facilities (HCFs). During the pre-intervention period, 25,520 adolescents were tested and 198 were HIV-positive (0.8%) compared to 77,644 adolescents tested with 534 being HIV-positive (0.7%) during the post-intervention period. The proportion of HIV-positive adolescents linked to care increased from 61.6% to 94.0% (p<0.001).