Children Matter in the Fight Against HIV

Each day, over 400 children are newly infected with HIV, and millions require HIV prevention, care and treatment services; reaching those children and their mothers is at the core of our mission at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF).

EGPAF was founded by a mother dedicated to ensuring that her children, and HIV-positive children everywhere, receive the care and treatment needed to live long and healthy lives.

Enhancing Pediatric HIV Testing and Diagnosis

EGPAF has expanded early identification of HIV in infants by increasing the use of rapid diagnostic technology in supported health facilities. We are expanding testing opportunities also by integrating HIV diagnostics into routine child wellness care, such as nutrition, growth monitoring and vaccine service delivery points.

As a child grows into adolescence and adulthood, exposure to infection increase through sexual contact. We ensure greater demand for HIV testing through media and community testing outreach campaigns and work with supported health facilities to offer rapid testing, counseling and diagnosis to children and adolescents.

HIV Treatment Access among Children

EGPAF promotes expanded access to pediatric HIV treatment and counseling through implementation of globally-recommended pediatric HIV treatment regimens and work with national governments to improve the capacity of health workers to manage HIV in this special population.

Treatment and Adherence Support for All

In each of our supported health care settings, we train facility staff to respond to the emotional needs of children and adolescents, and work with communities to reduce HIV stigma and discrimination. We counsel caregivers and clients to ensure they have the tools needed to support their children/themselves from diagnosis, through retention in treatment and offer a range of psychosocial support models.

Treatment Monitoring

We promote active treatment monitoring to ensure that children and adolescents in our supported services sustain full viral suppression. For those who are failing treatment, EGPAF trains and supports health workers in early identification of treatment failure, provision of necessary support and prompt transition to second-line and third-line HIV treatment regimens.


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