New Horizons Advancing Pediatric HIV Care Collaborative








In response to limited availability of second- and third-line pediatric and adolescent treatment options in resource-limited settings, Johnson & Johnson, EGPAF, and the Partnership for Supply Chain Management launched the New Horizons Advancing Pediatric HIV Care Collaborative in 2014. Since its inception, many additional partners have joined to address gaps between pediatric and adult care and treatment, target challenges to sustainable ART service delivery for children and adolescents, and build awareness of and confront challenges faced by adolescents around disclosure, adherence, psychosocial support, retention in care, and transition to adult care. The heart of the collaborative is a darunavir (DRV)/etravirine (ETR) donation program, which increases access to third-line pediatric and adult ART for children and adolescents failing second-line treatment. Johnson & Johnson donates its antiretroviral medicines—PREZISTA® (DRV, TMC114) and INTELENCE® (ETR, TMC125)—to national HIV and AIDS programs for use in children and adolescents up to age 19.