Catalyzing Expanded Access to Early Testing, Care and Treatment among HIV-Exposed Infants





Côte d’Ivoire



This Unitaid-funded project aims to increase access to early infant diagnosis (EID) and ART among eligible children. The project’s two main objectives are to optimize EID networks through the introduction of point-of-care diagnostic technology to increase the number of infants tested and initiated on ART, and create a market for affordable, effective, and equitable HIV testing of exposed infants. Working alongside Project Djasso, Fondation Ariel, and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria throughout central and southern Côte d’Ivoire, EGPAF- Côte d’Ivoire procures and places POC EID technology in sites. This is done by using a hub-and-spoke model to ultimately increase testing of HIV-exposed infants, decrease the time between testing and returning results to caregivers, decrease the number of days from HIV diagnosis to ART initiation for HIV-positive infants, and increase the number of children on life-saving treatment by July 2019.