Extending Quality Improvement for HIV/AIDS in Malawi (USAID/Partners In Hope)








EQUIP-Malawi is a PEPFAR-funded project with a goal of strengthening the capacity of health care systems in central Malawi to deliver HIV/AIDS care by improving the continuum of HIV care, the quality and efficiency of care, and workforce training and development, and to evaluate the delivery of this care system to serve as a model for scale-up across Malawi. In partnership with Partners in Hope, the EQUIP-Malawi project capitalizes on the partners’ existing networks, infrastructure, and acquired expertise, and has three complementary objectives:

  • Strengthening the continuum of HIV care among various health services, facilities, and communities;
  • Developing training and mentoring programs to improve workforce capacity and quality of care;
  • Creating a consortium of sites for operational research to improve the quality of HIV care and training The EQUIP project began as a support to Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM) facilities, and now includes public sector facilities in the central and northern regions of the country.