Department of Defense HIV/AIDS Prevention Program (Elikya FARDC)





Democratic Republic of Congo



EGPAF worked in collaboration with Population Services International, DRC’s Department of Defense, the National AIDS Control Program, and the National Army Program to Fight AIDS to support adult and pediatric HIV care and treatment activities across the Kinshasa, Haut Katanga and Tshopo provinces. Through this program, EGPAF supported training and mentorship of health workers based at facilities serving the military and their families. We provided family counseling and patient education on HIV prevention, care and treatment, as well as psychosocial support programs to children at supported health facilities; supportive supervision of health workers to ensure accurate and effective HIV diagnostics at laboratories; coordination of regular partner meetings to ensure routine planning among key stakeholders; and management of program data review, analysis and exchange visits between target provinces for best practice sharing among supported sites. EGPAF currently supports 10 sites across the six provinces under this project.