Scott Wolf: “Whatever Makes Their Souls Happy will Make Us Happy” | May 10, 2013

Actor Scott Wolf talks about his working relationship with EGPAF and his family's charity work.

Party of Five alum Scott Wolf and his family love to give back! The actor and his four-year-old son, Jackson, recently held a bake sale to support Malaria No More, an organization working to end malaria death.

Scott opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about why Malaria No More is so important to him and his family, his recent trip to Senegal, and his two children- Jackson, 4, and Miller, 6 months. He also reveals his deepest dreams and hopes for his children!

CBS: Tell us about getting involved with Malaria No More? Why is this cause important to you?

SW: “When Kelley and I met over ten years ago, we were both involved in causes close to our hearts. We met through our mutual friend Joel Goldman while we were both working with The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. When we were married, we took the money our friends gave us as wedding gifts and donated it to Africa and several groups associated with EGPAF. Africa is Kelley’s heart and soul; she would move there tomorrow if she could. Malaria No More is doing work in Africa that saves lives today and could eventually eradicate this horrible disease.”

CBS: What was your experience traveling to Senegal like?

SW: “Amazing and inspiring. It was incredible to see how well MNM programs are working there. Senegal is a beautiful place with a rich culture. We loved being with the people and, more importantly, seeing those kids smiling under a safe and secure net. We would love to go back and see the clinics using the malaria treatments. It is amazing that one dollar can save one life with just one course of treatment taken over a few days. We did the bake sale because of MNM’s upcoming campaign, the “Power of One.” One cookie equals one dollar, which equals saving one life. That is the kind of information anyone can get excited about.”

CBS: How did you explain the cause to 4-year-old Jackson?

SW: “He doesn’t fully understand what malaria is, even though he is a genius. We told him the money from the bake sale would help other kids stay strong and healthy. He was quite a salesman once he understood this. He would go up to cars, sell a dollar cookie, and come back with a five dollar donation. In fact, we ran out of the cookies and lemon bars he had helped us make that morning, so Kelley ran in and made Betty Crocker brownies to stay open!”

CBS: Pretty amazing for a 4-year-old to want to give back in this way.  Is giving back something you try to teach your kids?

SW: “Our kids won’t have a choice. Our marriage began on giving back, and it is one of the most important parts of our life. It is crucial that our kids can see past their own lives and know they can make a difference in the lives of those in need. The power of one!”

CBS: How does Jackson like being a big brother to Miller?

SW: “He is the sweetest big brother. He is still four and sometimes hugs a little too tight, but he is incredibly sweet with Miller. We were all laying on the sofa having a family cuddle, and Jackson put his hands on Miller’s face and said, ‘I love you little guy.’ It was the best.”

CBS: What does Father’s Day mean to you? Does the family have anything special planned for this Father’s Day?

SW: “It means celebrating my favorite (tied with husband!) role in my life. Hopefully it means breakfast in bed and a relaxing day with the family. Every day with these two beautiful boys feels like Father’s Day to me.”

CBS: What is life like raising two kids in Park City, Utah?  Any special activities or trips planned for this summer?

SW: “We actually moved back to Los Angeles and we love being back. I am working on a TNT show called Perception.  Jack has become a great little swimmer, so we spend our days in the yard swimming and planning more bake sales for MNM!!! We will definitely get back to Park City this summer for a visit in the mountains with our friends there.”

CBS: What are your dreams for your children?

SW: “I dream that they will have the courage and passion to follow their own dreams, and know that whatever makes their souls happy will make us happy. To embrace that life is complicated and beautiful. We just want them to be exactly who they are.”

CBS: What’s up next for you, Scott?

SW: “I am working on TNT’s Perception, which premieres Tuesday, June 25th, and I am also shooting a couple of indie films that I am really excited about. Also, we are going to Disneyland for the first time…Jackson can barely contain himself, and neither can I!”