Men still believe in ‘kufaka tintwane’ on unborn babies

The Swazi Observer | June 10, 2014

THERE is still a long way to go in dispelling myths about the usage of condoms in Swazi society.

Many men still believe there is no need to use a condom when having sex with a pregnant woman so that the man can help with the development of the unborn baby (kufaka tintwane). During one of the community dialogues hosted by Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) at Magubheleni over the past weekend, it transpired that men thought a baby would be born incomplete if the father used a condom.

EGPAF Communications and Outreach Officer Muzi Yende said the community dialogues attracted everyone in the community from men, women and youth, with a special target to men. Issues discussed during the meetings include HIV and AIDS, HIV testing, couples testing as well as male involvement in supporting their pregnant partners.

Yende said it was important for men to accompany their partners to the clinic, especially during their first visit. He said this enabled the couple to test for HIV together in order to protect their unborn child in the event one or both are HIV positive. He said women also had a problem disclosing their HIV status to their partners as such news was not received peacefully by their partners, hence testing together helped the couple to get the results together.

The community members were grouped according to age; men, women and youth separately. This enabled each group to speak freely about sexuality issues. It transpired during the dialogue that men in Magubheleni were relatively clueless about HIV issues. Condoms are also not easily accessible in the area. One has to buy them from the shop and at times, there is no money to buy condoms.

It is for that reason that many find themselves having sex without a condom. Some of the older men complained that they could not keep an erection for longer, hence wearing a condom would make them lose the erection.