Lesotho: Bringing Services to the People

Lesotho Public-Eye Newspaper | July 19, 2013

Bringing services to the people 

Maseru -- The consultation and examiniation rooms are just like any other facilities found at some clinics dotted around Lesotho. 

The only difference is that, the two, handed over by the Elizaebth Galser Pediatric AIDS Fouundation to the MInistry of Health on Thursday last week, are mobile clinics. 

This means services are going to travel far and beyond the hard to reach areas of Thaba Tseka and Mohale's Hoek and improve primary health care accessibility. 

The mobile clinicsalso have storage and rump facilites to cater for patients in wheelchairs, thanks to the United States Presidetn's Emergency Plan for AIDS Releief (PEFPAR) through EGPAF, which over the years fought to eliminate paediatric HIV by supportunig the up-scaling of the integrated HIV prevention, nutrition and maternal child health services in Lesotho. 

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