AIDSMap: Nurses ‘critical link’ in implementing new WHO HIV guidelines

AIDSMap | August 12, 2010

AIDSMap covers a letter co-authored by Senior Foundation Technical Officer Suzanne Willard and published in the July 31 online edition of AIDS about the importance of nurses in the implementation of new HIV treatment guidelines issued by the WHO.

Active support of nurses is critical for effective implementation of the revised World Health Organization (WHO) HIV treatment guidelines, MaryAnn Vitiello and Suzanne Willard state in a letter published in the August 2010 online edition of AIDS.

The authors are nurses who work in countries which receive US PEPFAR support, and they are affiliated with the International Training and Education Center on Health (I-TECH) and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation respectively.

While a well-informed and highly skilled nursing workforce is considered essential for all national health care systems, in reality it just doesn’t happen, note the authors. Nurses are on the front lines of care, represent the largest group of health care workers and have the most interaction with women and children, highlight the authors.