Pediatric HIV Treatment

Ensuring HIV positive children have access to lifesaving treatment

90-90-90 for Children

The UNAIDS “90-90-90” targets aim for 90% of all children living with HIV to be diagnosed, 90% of those diagnosed HIV-positive receiving treatment, and 90% of those children receiving treatment achieving viral suppression by 2020.

Our briefing document illustrates what is needed to reach the UNAIDS Fast Track Targets for children. A new “Super Fast-Track” target of putting 95% of children on treatment by 2018 means these steps are even more vital.

Pediatric HIV Treatment Must Be A Global Priority

This document discusses why action must be taken at all levels to expand pediatric services in facilities and communities and to initiate and retain children in these vital programs.

Gap Analysis on Pediatric HIV Treatment

As a result of collaborative advocacy efforts between EGPAF and other non-governmental organizations, UNAIDS produced a gap analysis on pediatric HIV treatment in December 2014, and an updated gap analysis in December 2016. Both reports were accompanied by a set of decisions by the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board on ways to promote better progress on pediatric treatment. EGPAF works closely with UNAIDS to address access to treatment for children living with HIV including by ensuring the UNAIDS Strategy 2016-2021 included strong and comprehensive language on addressing the pediatric treatment gap.

Innovation Needed on Pediatric ARV Formulations

Our briefing document highlights the numerous problems with currently available ARV formulations for children, which can be unpalatable, difficult to swallow, and hard to administer, and identifies areas where additional research and innovation is needed.

On 17 November 2017, key stakeholders met to discuss how to address these issues with due urgency. They agreed on an Action Plan made up of over 30 commitments to focus, accelerate, and collaborate on the development, registration, introduction, and roll-out of the most optimal pediatric formulations and diagnostics

IPU-EGPAF Paper on Pediatric HIV Treatment

EGPAF partnered with the Inter-Parliamentary Union on a paper addressing the challenges of pediatric HIV treatment and highlighting what parliamentarians can do to help further the agenda in their country.