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EGPAF’s Work in Pediatric and Adolescent HIV Care and Treatment

This fact sheet highlights the importance of access to HIV testing, care and treatment among children and adolescents. It also illustrates EGPAF’s work within this area.

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This brief highlights EGPAF’s extensive work in the field of clinical and operations research around pediatric HIV. The brief describes our history in research, our research accomplishments, current research activities and our internationally-recognized staff and research leaders.

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Technical Briefs

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Strengthening Antiretroviral Treatment for Women and Children in Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health Services

This brief outlines the approach EGPAF developed and implemented to improve PMTCT and HIV care and treatment service delivery. The approach involved galvanized support from the Ministry of Health and partners and resulted in improved capacity to deliver HIV-specific health services to a wider population in Zimbabwe.

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Technical Bulletins

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Spotlight on Pediatric HIV Care and Treatment

This issue of Haba Na Haba features pediatric HIV care and treatment; the challenges which have existed in provision of accessible and effective antiretroviral treatment to children in need and best practices that EGPAF has employed in order to address these challenges. This issue highlights our work in Swaziland, Kenya, Cameroon, Uganda, Malawi and Lesotho.

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Technical Reports

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Lesotho’s Minimum PMTCT Package: lessons learned for combating vertical HIV transmission using co-pa

By Lotus McDougal, Mpolai M Moteetee, Florence Mohai, Malisebo Mphale, Binod Mahanty, Blandinah Motaung, Victor Ankrah

This article features our analysis of a program to improve prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission (PMTCT) adherence by implementing a package given to all pregnant women (some including only prenatal vitamins and other information - some including both prenatal and PMTCT drugs for women who tested HIV-positive during pregnancy). This program was rolled out in Lesotho. Our study examines feasibility of the package.

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Program Tools

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Positive Action For Children Fund in Malawi

A compilation of photography and stories of our work in Malawi through local, community-based organizations, which take small steps in every supported community to ensure all women and families have access to HIV prevention, care and treatment.

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Life Stories

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Ariel Clubs Transform Fear Into Hope for Children Living With HIV

By Eric Bond

Ariel Clubs in Uganda address the psychological and clinical needs of HIV-positive children so that they feel confident, stay on treatment, and prevent transmission of the virus to their own future partners or children.

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