Our Work

Through its research, programmatic, and advocacy work, which is concentrated in some of the countries hit hardest by the AIDS pandemic, EGPAF leads the charge to eliminate pediatric AIDS.

Program Implementation

EGPAF's program implementation efforts seek to extend HIV prevention, care, and treatment services to at least 80 percent of children, women, and families affected by HIV in the countries where we work.

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Elizabeth Glaser was one of the first public figures to advocate for research focused on the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS in children. Since her initial efforts, EGPAF has continued to bring together leading international scientists to conduct research as part of our global efforts to eliminate pediatric AIDS.

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Public Policy & Advocacy

Building on Elizabeth's legacy, EGPAF now works with policymakers in the U.S. and around the world to continue the work Elizabeth started, advocating for the best public policies for women, children, and families with HIV/AIDS.

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Where We're Working

EGPAF supports programs in 13 African countries, as well as India and the United States.

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