WWR: Vaccine Research, Refocusing in the New Year, and New Funds for the Global Fund

A prevention-of-mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) training in Malawi, where EGPAF has provided over 600,000 women with PMTCT services.

James Pursey/EGPAF

This week, we’re learning about a researcher who is investigating new techniques for a possible HIV vaccine, reading about a Foundation Ambassador’s recommitment to an AIDS-free generation, and thinking about how new funds for the Global Fund could affect the war on AIDS.

EGPAF – “For a Researcher and Mother, HIV Fight is Personal” Lindsay Wieczorek, PhD was recently given the Foundation’s Susie Zeegen Fund Postdoctoral Award for her research into HIV vaccines and immune response. In this blog, she talks about her work, the award, why she’s so interested in studying HIV/AIDS, and how Elizabeth Glaser’s story inspires her.

Scientific American“Syringe Design Change Could Cut HIV Transmission” For people who use intravenous drugs, the risk of HIV infection is a constant concern.  In some countries, up to 80 percent of new HIV incidences are related to drug use. But some scientists believe that changing the design of syringes used for injecting drugs could lower the risk of HIV transmission.

EGPAF – “2013: A year for reflection, recognition, and recommitment” Florence Ngobeni-Allen is one of the Foundation’s most powerful voices advocating for the needs of women and children living with HIV. In this blog, she writes about how the global community is beginning to work together to create an AIDS-free generation and her recommitment to the end of HIV/AIDS

New York Times – “Germany: Funds for Global Health Fund Reinstated” Because of concerns about fraud, German refused to give the Global Fund half of its usual contribution in 2011 and put future funding for the Fund, which supports efforts to end infectious diseases worldwide, in jeopardy. But this week, it was announced that because of improved auditing and smarter money management by the Global Fund, Germany would reinstate its annual pledge of around $267 million dollars to the Fund.

Jane Coaston is Media Relations Coordinator for the Foundation, based in Washington, D.C.