WWR: Texting, Flooding, The End of AIDS in Malawi, and What Women and Girls Need

Malawi health minister Catherine Gotani Hara at the launch of an EGPAF-supported five-year project to improve HIV/AIDS services and strengthen local health systems.

Eric Kilongi/EGPAF

This week, we’re reading about how texting is helping women in Tanzania have healthier pregnancies, thinking about the connection between HIV and tuberculosis (TB), learning about a new EGPAF-supported program in Malawi, and remembering the importance of fighting for women and girls.

WRIC – “Tanzania's Healthy Pregnancy Text Message Service Reaches 100,000 Subscribers in 15 Weeks” For many pregnant women, just getting the information they need to stay healthy and have healthy, happy babies is a challenge. In Tanzania, the mHealth Tanzania Public Private Partnership is supporting a project called “Wazazi Nipendeni’ (Parents Love Me), which sends free text messages and appointment reminders to women and their families to help them learn more about prenatal care, testing, malaria prevention, and the importance of regular clinic visits.

EGPAF – “In Malawi, Marching Towards the End of AIDS” EGPAF President and CEO Chip Lyons spent this week visiting our country offices, and he concluded his trip with a visit to Malawi. As Malawi moves to roll out “Option B+” to help support pregnant women living with HIV and their families, Lyons writes of how EGPAF is supporting a five-year program to strengthen local health systems and improve the quality and availability of HIV prevention, testing, and treatment.

EGPAF – “What Young Women and Girls Need” EGPAF Ambassador Florence Ngobeni-Allen has been an outspoken champion for young women and girls living with HIV. In this very personal piece, she writes about her life growing up in South Africa and how her experiences of poverty, violence, and loss have strengthened her resolve to fight for the rights of women around the world.

Huffington Post – “HIV and TB: Untangling a Deadly Knot” HIV and tuberculosis have a deadly relationship – HIV can fuel the transformation of TB from latent to active and contagious, and TB preys on the immune systems of people living with HIV, promoting the development of full-blown AIDS. In this piece for the Huffington Post, UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibe writes about how antiretroviral treatment and integrating TB and HIV treatment can save millions of lives.

EGPAF – “In Aftermath of Heavy Flooding, EGPAF Helps Reopen Health Facilities in Mozambique” In Mozambique following the overflow of the Limpopo River, dozens of towns and communities experienced devastating flooding. In this blog, EGPAF’s Arsenio Manhice writes about how the floods affected health facilities across southern Mozambique, and how EGPAF is working to help clinics clean, rebuild, and get back to working with patients.

Jane Coaston is Media Relations Coordinator for the Foundation, based in Washington, D.C.