WWR: Gender Violence, A New Clinic, Rising HIV Rates in Belarus, and Bold Ideas for Ending AIDS

A pregnant woman in Uganda. EGPAF supports 550 sites offering PMTCT and care and treatment services in Uganda.

James Pursey/EGPAF

This week, we’re learning about how South Africans are combating gender-based violence, thinking about new ideas for ending HIV/AIDS, and reading about how HIV rates in Belarus are dangerously high. 

EGPAF – “Guest Post: Battling Gender Violence and HIV in South Africa” This week, journalist Kimberly Burge wrote about how some South African men are taking a stand against gender-based violence, one of the causes of the country’s high HIV rate.  Through the Sonke Gender Justice Network, men are meeting to talk about caregiving and gender equality.

EGPAF – “A Clinic in Uganda Receives a Remodeled Laboratory” The Ruhoko Health Center IV is a clinic serving 150,000 people in Ibanda district, Uganda. Thanks to the support of EGPAF and the American and Ugandan governments, the clinic has been remodeled and can now provide rapid HIV testing and offer assistance to ten local prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) sites.

blog.TED.com“10 bold ideas for ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic” TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Talks are short (under 18 minutes) presentations given by leaders in virtually every field. In this blog post, TED.com rounded up the top ten TEDTalks on how to fight HIV/AIDS, featuring a conversation on how HIV-positive mothers can support other people living with HIV and the possibility of an HIV vaccine.

Voice of America – “Teen Club in Namibia (Video)” With funding from UNICEF and support from the Kenyan government, teens living with HIV in Namibia are meeting in clubs to talk about the challenges of living with HIV and gaining support from their peers.

Jane Coaston is Media Relations Coordinator for the Foundation, based in Washington, D.C.