WWR: A Pediatric HIV Cure, Youth Day in Cameroon, and an Amazing Month

Elizabeth Glaser and her daughter, Ariel.


This week, we’re learning all about an American infant who has been functionally cured of HIV. We conducted an interview with the doctor who was the lead researcher on the case and an article honoring Elizabeth Glaser’s focus on the end of pediatric HIV. In addition, we’re reading about how EGPAF is helping organizations in Cameroon utilize the country’s Youth Day to encourage HIV testing and treatment, and thinking about Jake Glaser’s perspectives on a busy month.

Reuters – “U.S. baby's cure from HIV raises hope, new questions” This week, we learned about an American infant in Mississippi who has been functionally cured of HIV. The stunning news was a major advancement in the fight to eliminate HIV, especially in infants and children. In this article, scientists, pediatric HIV specialists, and UNAIDS officials reflect on what the news means.

EGPAF – “’It Was the Turning Point of My Career’ – EGPAF-Supported Scientist Talks about the Mississippi HIV Cure, Her Work, and How EGPAF Got Her There” Eight years ago, Dr. Deborah Persaud of The Johns Hopkins University received the Elizabeth Glaser Scientist Award, a five-year, $700,000 award honoring her focus on finding a cure for pediatric HIV. This week, she led the team that announced the functional cure of an infant living with HIV in Mississippi. Dr. Persaud spoke to EGPAF on Wednesday about her work, the case in Mississippi, and how EGPAF’s support was crucial to her success.

Washington Post – “Remembering Elizabeth Glaser’s fight for a childhood AIDS cure” As the news about the Mississippi pediatric HIV functional cure case, we couldn’t help thinking about Elizabeth Glaser and her incredible legacy. Reporter Bonnie Goldstein of The Washington Post shared her thoughts on Elizabeth and how proud she would be of the advances we’ve made in the battle against HIV.

EGPAF – “Youth Day in Cameroon Focuses on Stopping HIV” Every year in Cameroon, the country holds Youth Day, an occasion to celebrate the contributions of young people and showcase their talents. In this blog from EGPAF Country Officer Lior Miller, she shares how EGPAF and a local organization used Youth Day to get the word out about HIV testing and care and treatment services.

EGPAF – “Reflecting on an Amazing Month” Jake Glaser, son of Elizabeth Glaser, has had a very busy month. From receiving an award in Palm Springs for his outspoken efforts on behalf of young people living with HIV to speaking to the crowd at the inaugural Global Champions for a Mother’s Fight gala in New York City, Jake has been spreading the word about EGPAF and its important work. In this blog, he looks back at his month and thinks about just how close we are to an AIDS-free generation.

Jane Coaston is Media Relations Coordinator for the Foundation, based in Washington, D.C.