WWR: Thank You Letters to Mothers around the World

Drawings by Janeth Frank Lyimo

To our friends and family throughout the world, happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is a special day at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, as we honor and celebrate the power of mothers in the battle against HIV/AIDS. 

To commemorate this special holiday, we asked some of our friends and Foundation Ambassadors to share their messages to their mothers.

This week we’ve been reading these inspiring letters, and you can catch some of the highlights here:

From California, Jake Glaser wrote a special message to his mother, Elizabeth: “To say I am proud of my mother’s legacy is an understatement. She is an angel for all of us to look up to and to hold close to our hearts. She spoke to us in a way we had never heard. She removed circumstance and showed us the bond we all share. We are all human and if we choose to, we can connect on a level we might not have ever seen before.”

From Tanzania, an illustrated letter from nine-year-old Janeth: “I thank my Mama for taking good care of me including buying me some good clothes since I was young. She always reminds me about taking up my medicine every day.”             

From Uganda, a letter from young Joseph about “his hero” – written as “my hello” – his grandmother: “I was at the age of 5 yrs when she took me to the hospital for test of HIV status she found when I am HIV positive and agreed to keep living with me.” 

From Florida, a letter from Janice McCall to her mother: “Mothers love to see you smile, they can be lots of fun, and always offer to hold your hand, when the day is done…She’s always there with a motherly glow, and I don’t mean to put her on the spot, but I’ve got the best one, and I love her a lot!”

From Texas, a letter from Florida Kasege to her mother, Fortunata:  “Funny thing is, you never told me, but you showed me that dreams are something you chase and believe in, no matter how fast, big or small they are. I know I was always your dream that came true, that’s why I have to say I love you.”

Fortunata also provided her own perspective about Mother’s Day this week to Mom Bloggers for Social Good: “I feel so lucky...I feel like I am the one who got the gift. I am the one who got this incredible gift to be a mom.”

Jane Coaston is Media Relations Coordinator for the Foundation, based in Washington, D.C.