What We’re Reading: Reasons the World is a Better Place and the Power of Advocacy in Global Health

Expectant mothers stand outside a clinic in Lesotho. EGPAF-supported programs in Lesotho have tested nearly 122,000 pregnant women for HIV.

Jon Hrusa/Lesotho

This week, we’re reading about the reasons why the world is a better place than ever before in the Gates Foundation’s Annual Letter, the importance of advocacy in global health, remembering the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, and watching a compelling and educational motion graphic about the fight against Pediatric AIDS.

Buzzfeed9 Reasons The World Is Better Than Ever, According to Bill And Melinda Gates – Bill and Melinda Gates humorously lay out a simplified version of their  argument that the weight of the evidence tells us that the world is a better place than ever for mankind. 

PATH What’s advocacy mean to global health? – PATH Senior Director, Advocacy and Public Policy Rachel Wilson makes a persuasive case for the crucial role that smart, effective advocacy plays in achieving global health goals and priorities.

Good Pediatric AIDS Motion Graphic – This informative motion graphic brilliantly illustrates the devastating impact of HIV, particularly pediatric HIV, and the existing issues and barriers that prevent people from getting the care they need. 

EGPAF Peaks for Pediatric AIDS – Jeremy Dixon takes on the five tallest mountains in Africa hoping to raise $2,500 for EGPAF to help in the fight against pediatric AIDS.  He has already reached the top of two of the five peaks, most of which are located in African countries with some of the highest HIV infection rates in the world.

EGPAFPhoto of the Day: Ending the Silence around HIV - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once dreamed of a day when children, regardless of their race, could play, learn, and grow together. He gave his life to make that dream a reality. At the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF), we dream of a day where no child is born with HIV.