What We’re Reading: Fighting HIV in Zambia, Maternal Health in Malawi, and Elizabeth Glaser’s Doctor

EGPAF President and CEO Chip Lyons speaks at the launch of a new EGPAF project supporting HIV treatment and health systems strengthening in Malawi.

Eric Kilongi/EGPAF

This week, we’re learning about how Zambia is fighting HIV, reading about how prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV efforts are succeeding across southern Africa, finding out more about HIV funding changes for 2013, and thinking about how Elizabeth Glaser’s doctor has fought for people living with HIV for 30 years.

Zambia Daily Mail – “Zambia slowly winning HIV/AIDS fight” Since 1984, when the first case of HIV was discovered in Zambia, the sub-Saharan African country has been hit hard by the virus. In 2009, 13.5 percent of Zambian adults between the ages of 15 and 49 were living with HIV. However, the country has worked to fight the epidemic with assistance from the United States and international aid organizations. Now, the number of HIV cases in Zambia is beginning to stabilize, making it a model for countries across Africa and around the world.

BMC Public Health – “Scaling up prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission programs in sub-Saharan African countries” As communities and countries around the world fight to eliminate pediatric HIV and keep mothers and their babies healthy, prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) efforts have been key to their success. In this study, scientists reviewed PMTCT efforts at sites across sub-Saharan Africa to examine best practices and look for clues to improving performance.

EGPAF – “Public Policy: Good News and Bad News for HIV/AIDS in 2013” As sequestration continues in the United States, HIV and AIDS funding is under immense pressure. This week, EGPAF Public Policy Officer Katie Coester writes about how PEPFAR and other global health programs are being affected by funding cuts, and what you can do to help.

Voice of America – “US AIDS Agencies to Improve Health Care Services in Malawi” In Malawi, EGPAF is beginning a five-year effort to support HIV/AIDS prevention and care and treatment efforts and to improve health systems across the country. In this story from Voice of America, reporter Lameck Masina details how EGPAF will help Malawi maintain and make further strides in its ongoing battle against HIV.

EGPAF – “For Elizabeth Glaser's Doctor, A Lifetime of Dedication” Dr. Michael Gottlieb was not only at the forefront of HIV/AIDS research at the very peak of the epidemic, he was Elizabeth Glaser’s physician. In this interview, he talks about Elizabeth, his work, recent scientific advances, and his concerns about the future of HIV and AIDS.