Tanzania: Inside an Ariel Camp

Ariel Camp attendees show their artwork to the guest of honor.

EGPAF 2012

For seven days in late August that were filled with education, fun and friendship, EGPAF/Tanzania brought together 58 adolescents, along with their matrons and patrons, to the 2012 Ariel Camp. The young participants were assembled from Ariel Clubs located in the regions in which EGPAF/Tanzania has established care and treatment programs. The gathering was held at the Olasiti Garden Hotel in Arusha region.

Throughout the week, campers enjoyed a wide variety of activities – some of which taught important lessons about sexuality, personal care, and life skills. To cite one example, the adolescents conducted a debate about how sexuality affects their adolescence; they addressed and shared many issues on how adolescents can overcome some negative behaviors that jeopardize their health.

When the time came to unwind and enjoy the company of old and new friends, many games and social events were held. A highlight of the week came when participants visited Tarangire National Park to learn all about Tanzania’s natural resources and wildlife.

At the end of the week, EGPAF/Tanzania’s Associate Technical Director Dr. Chrispine Kimario urged the adolescent campers to apply all of the useful knowledge they received at the camp, and ensure that they share with their fellow children after they arrived back home. The camp was then officially declared closed by Dr. Isir Ismail, Arusha’s district AIDS control coordinator.

Lilian, a young girl from Tabora region, echoed the sentiments of all of the campers when she was asked about her experiences at the 2012 Ariel Camp. “This was a very useful camp for me and my fellow adolescents, as through it we have learned a lot of helpful things,” she replied. “I will make sure I share this knowledge with my fellow adolescents in Nzega district."

Mercy Nyanda is the Foundation’s Program Coordinator for Communication and Outreach in Tanzania.