Policy & Advocacy: Support Strong Funding Levels for Global HIV/AIDS Programs

As summer turns to fall and election coverage heats up, many Americans forget that Congress still has a job to do by September 30th—keep the government funded.

All signs point to a short-term funding deal, known as a “continuing resolution,” to be worked out between the House and the Senate by the end of September, which would fund the government through the next six months.

This is immensely important to global HIV programs supported by the U.S. Government, especially the President’s Plan for Emergency Relief (PEPFAR).

The deal will be based on the overall spending levels set by the Budget Control Act and the appropriations legislation that the House and Senate Appropriations Committees have worked on already this year.

This is good news for global HIV/AIDS programs, as both the House and Senate State and Foreign Operations Subcommittees set strong funding levels for these programs, despite the current economic climate.
But organizations that support people living with HIV are advocating for the strongest funding levels possible for PEPFAR and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.

In a letter that was signed by the Foundation, the global AIDS community asked Congress for the Senate funding numbers for PEPFAR and related programs, and the House’s funding number for the Global Fund.

Katie Lapides Coester is the Foundation's Public Policy Officer, based in Washington, D.C.