Peaks for Pediatric AIDS

Jeremy Dixon plans to scale the peaks of five mountains throughout sub-Saharan Africa to raise money for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Richard Freund

When Jeremy Dixon moved to Nairobi, Kenya for his wife’s new job three months ago, he thought he would use some of his spare time to simply enjoy the new area and scenery. But a bit of exploring reignited his latent passion for climbing.

“Everyone knows about Kilimanjaro in Tanzania,” Jeremy said. “But, as I've discovered, nearly all of Africa's tallest peaks are in the Rift Valley countries of eastern Africa.  Also, these countries have some of the highest rates of AIDS infection in the world.”

So Jeremy devised a brilliant plan that combines both mountains and medicine: Peaks for Pediatric AIDS.  Jeremy Dixon will climb Africa’s “big five” mountain peaks during a 10-week period to raise money and awareness for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) and the fight against pediatric AIDS.

“Children shouldn't have their lives ruined before they are born.  They should have a chance to live and prosper like anyone else,” Dixon wrote on his blog.

“AIDS and its continual transmission throughout Sub-Saharan Africa is a major hobble to the region's socioeconomic development.  Removing it would allow these countries to divert the tremendous amount of time and money it takes to fight AIDS into other projects that can help them to build sustainable nations.”

Dixon has now climbed and summited the first two of five peaks: Ruwenzori, which rests on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Mt. Kenya in Nairobi. Through early March, Jeremy will summit three more peaks: Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania, Mt. Meru in Tanzania, and finally Ras Dejen in Ethiopia.

You can follow Jeremy’s Peaks for Pediatric AIDS journey on his blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Jeremy hopes to raise $2,500 for EGPAF. Help him reach his goals by donating here, and in turn you’ll receive a summit photo, climbing harness, or other prizes.

Learn more about EGPAF’s work to eliminate pediatric AIDS in countries throughout the world. 

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Sydney Van Horn is EGPAF’s Development Coordinator, based in Washington D.C.