Mother’s Day Traditions

Elizabeth and Jake Glaser


My dad and I had a tradition. The second Sunday of May each year, we would get up earlier than my mom – she was an early riser, so this was no easy feat for a kid. I would tip toe past their bedroom and meet my dad in the kitchen. We’d whip up some eggs, toss a bagel in the toaster, and squeeze some fresh OJ for her. Mother’s Day was the only day of the year she would let us do that for her.

With each passing year, I find myself spending more and more time remembering those family traditions. Every year on Mother’s Day, I wake up and think about how lucky I am that Elizabeth Glaser is my mom. She taught me to throw a baseball and told me I could play for the Dodgers if I worked hard enough; and she taught me how to pick a perfect batch of blueberries. I think about how I would never be where I am in life without her. She taught me to be courageous, have determination and integrity, and to challenge myself every day of my life.

This year on Mother’s Day, I plan to honor my mom by acting like she did, by walking in her footsteps – and I challenge everyone else to do the same. With each step, be courageous; with each step, smile; and with each step, love.

While life will continue to put obstacles in our way, it is the life she lived, the example she left us that will ultimately overcome.

She wrote in her book, “The choice and the challenge is in how we choose to live. And the more meaning you find in your life, the more reason you have to live.”

If I could tell my mom one thing this Mother’s Day, it would be that I find meaning in life every day.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom, and all moms around the world.

Jake Glaser is Elizabeth's son, and an ambassador for the Foundation, based in Los Angeles, CA.