In Tanzania, New Vehicles Provide a Lifeline to Remote Areas

Peter Nsaya, M.D., district medical officer of the Kilwa district in Tanzania, tests out a new vehicle donated to his district by EGPAF.


Last week, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) donated three vehicles to district hospitals in Tanzania to help provide better care and treatment to people living with HIV. EGPAF’s donation was made possible through funding and support from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The three Nissan Patrol station wagons were delivered to the Kilwa and Nzega district councils. The cars will be essential to distributing drugs and medical supplies throughout the districts. They will also help support programmatic activities such as remote outreach services and health worker mentorship programs. 

Emmanuel Mihayo, M.D., district medical officer for the Nzega district, said he considers the cars to be lifesaving because they enable his district to effectively support, supervise, and provide outreach to district clinics. 

Health workers in Tanzania face logistical challenges when it comes to providing services for people living in remote areas. Reliable vehicles enable health workers to provide outreach, care, and treatment services to people living with HIV, no matter where they live.  At EGPAF we know that providing the resources needed to overcome these challenges is critical to bringing us closer to an AIDS-free generation.

In Tanzania, EGPAF has provided more than 2.9 million women with services to prevent transmission of HIV to their children. Visit the Tanzania country page to learn more about EGPAF’s work.