In Memoriam: Jon Hrusa

A young child in Swaziland.

Jon Hrusa/EGPAF

As we start a new year at the Foundation, we wanted to take a moment to look back and pay tribute to a friend we lost at the very end of 2011 – the photographer Jon Hrusa.

You’ve probably seen his name in the photo credits below some truly stunning images throughout our website and in our materials.

Based in South Africa, Jon worked with the Foundation for almost a decade documenting the impact of our HIV prevention and treatment programs in the region. Whether he was covering events like AIDS Walk Africa in Swaziland, or our innovative pony delivery system in Lesotho, he had a unique gift to capture the essence of our work with sensitivity and humanity.

His photos convey a sense of hope and optimism, communicating to a wider audience around the world that it is possible to create an AIDS-free generation.

Each photo tells a larger story of the people he encountered – children, mothers, fathers, and whole families – who are affected by the AIDS pandemic.

In tribute to Jon, we’ve collected ten of our favorite photos from him, with links to some of the stories behind them.

Looking through them reminds us of the great work that has already been accomplished, and of the many people around the world who are still in need.

While Jon is no longer with us, a piece of him will always remain in these images.

Robert Yule is the Foundation’s Senior Media Relations Manager in Washington, D.C.