Foundation Introduces New Affiliate Websites and Toolkit

Over the past two years, the Foundation is proud to have supported the development of new local partners to join the fight against pediatric AIDS.

Through the groundbreaking Project HEART – a large-scale HIV prevention, care and treatment program – we have helped launch and strengthen three new Foundation Affiliates in Côte d’Ivoire, Mozambique, and Tanzania.

Now we celebrate another important milestone that will allow these new organizations to reach a much larger audience – the launch of their designated websites:

The websites provide an introduction to each of the Affiliates, their staff, and the important work that they are already doing in their respective countries. As the eight-year Project HEART initiative comes to a close this month, we are excited that these organizations are able to move forward independently through new projects funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Through these projects, they will be able to continue to support HIV care and treatment programs, strengthen their organizational capacity, and expand their impact.

We hope that the sites will grow with each of the organizations, and document a record of success in curbing the AIDS epidemic in these countries.

The launch of these new organizations has already changed the face of the Foundation and the way that we support capacity development of local partners. We have transformed the Foundation into a network of organizations who share tools, resources, and capacity – as well as a common mission to eliminate pediatric AIDS.

As a group, we are better able to extend our reach and promote local ownership of HIV programs, with the aim of ensuring a sustainable response to the AIDS epidemic. 

The Foundation has developed a number of important tools through the process of launching Affiliates and transitioning programs to these new organizations. We view these as important resources for other organizations also engaged in HIV/AIDS programming. 

We have brought these tools and resources together in the toolkit Sustainability Focused Organizational Development: Tools and Resources for Foundation Affiliates, which can be found in the “Toolkits” section of this website.

This toolkit includes an overview of the Foundation’s affiliation model and accreditation system, a checklist for organizational start-up, and the Foundation’s accreditation review tool.  It also includes the Organizational Capacity and Viability Assessment Tool, which is a product of our collaboration with the consulting company ICF Macro. This tool was instrumental in enabling the development of organizational development plans for the start-up of each of the Affiliates. 

We are proud to introduce these new members of the Foundation family, and I hope you’ll take a moment to get to know them through their websites.

The Foundation will continue to work side by side with our Affiliates as they help strengthen local and national health systems, and build the capacity necessary to achieve an AIDS-free generation in each of their home countries. 

Trish Karlin is the Vice President for Global Business Planning, Medical and Scientific Affairs, based in Los Angeles.