EGPAF #MOMENTOS: Born From A Mother’s Love

Our organization was born from Elizabeth's devotion to Ariel and Jake.


Our organization was born from one mother’s devotion to her children. Elizabeth Glaser refused to live in a world that ignored the needs of HIV-positive children. Instead, she channeled her love and devotion for Ariel and Jake into fighting on behalf of HIV-positive children around the world. Elizabeth once said:

"I want to save my family, but to do that I think that I have to change the world."

And so she did.

Now, we continue that legacy in her honor. This Mother’s Day, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) is rallying supporters around our mission to protect the health of moms and babies worldwide! Join the #MOMentos movement to give moms around the world many more healthy, happy Mother’s Days with their kids. Share your favorite memories of a mom you love and admire.

Did you know 700 children are born HIV-positive every day? More than 90 percent of these infections result from mother-to-child transmission — which is preventable. For less than the cost of a Mother’s Day bouquet of flowers EGPAF could provide an HIV-positive mother with the services and medications she needs to prevent HIV transmission to her baby. Will you give a family the chance to celebrate many more healthy, happy Mother's Days together?

Check back next week when we’ll be counting down to Mother’s Day with stories about moms, motherhood, and the impact of EGPAF’s work. Until then, check out these awesome #MOMentos from around the world!