Celebrating Mother’s Day in Malawi

My name is Teleza, and today I’m celebrating Mother’s Day in Malawi with my family and with profound joy. Thanks to EGPAF, I’ve learned something very important: being diagnosed with HIV is not the end of a life, it can be a chance at a new beginning.

Last year, I felt very sick while I  was pregnant with my son. I was scared for my child. Honestly, I did not know what to do. Finally I went to a clinic in Lilongwe, Malawi and got tested for HIV for the first time. That is when I learned I was HIV-positive. Believe it or not, I felt relieved when I heard the news. I received medication to control my illness and prevent HIV transmission to my baby, and learned how to keep us both healthy. I took control of my health, my son’s health, and our future.

EGPAF gave us both the chance to celebrate this Mother’s Day together and many more to come!

As a mother, I give everything I have to my child -- my heart, soul, and time -- to make sure he is thriving. The important work EGPAF does ensures that I'm healthy enough to continue to care for him. EGPAF supports services to prevent transmission of HIV from mothers to their infants at more than 6,800 sites around the world -- including Bwaila Hospital in Malawi, where I gave birth.

EGPAF celebrates motherhood by giving hope. October 15 is Mother's Day in Malawi but at EGPAF, every day is mother's day!

Please donate today and give a mom and her newborn the gift of a healthier tomorrow.