An Everyday Hero in the Battle Against AIDS

Foundation Ambassador Cristina Peña has been a champion for HIV-positive children since she was ten years old. Born HIV-positive, Cristina has spoken out repeatedly to make sure that the unique needs of children with HIV are not neglected. 

Since becoming a Foundation Ambassador, she has spoken at White House panel discussions, written editorials, testified at policy town halls, and educated college students about how HIV/AIDS affects children and young adults.

Cristina is a tireless advocate for HIV-positive people, and she’s not slowing down.

Her latest appearance?

Cristina has taken part in a Yahoo! / ABC News project, “Around the World with Christiane Amanpour” – about the U.S. and global AIDS pandemic.

Together with 1996 Time Magazine Person of the Year Dr. David Ho and HIV-positive author and activist Edmund White, Cristina was featured as a hero in the continued fight against HIV worldwide.

You can read the Yahoo! News article here. Click here to learn more about Cristina’s story and her work with the Foundation. 

Jane Coaston is Media Relations Coordinator for the Foundation, based in Washington, DC.