WWR: the Foundation at Work, New Research, and Steps Forward in Global Health

This week, we’re learning about what the Foundation is doing in two African countries, thinking about new research into nutrition and HIV, and reading about what global leaders are doing to eliminate HIV.

New Vision (Uganda) - "Ibanda district gets lab, sh200m HIV equipment." For many people living with HIV, getting access to the medications that can save their lives can be a struggle. This week in Ibanda district in Uganda, a laboratory funded through PEPFAR and USAID opened with the goal of expanding access to medical treatment for people living with HIV and other medical conditions. Dr. Edward Bitarakwate, country director for the Foundation in Uganda, is interviewed in this short story.

Nyasa Times (Malawi) -"Malawi partners with two US organizations in anti-AIDS drive." EGPAF has joined teams with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Malawi’s Ministry of Health to create and strengthen health systems and improve access to services for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, maternal and child health, and other public health needs.

Voice of America - "Study: HIV, Food Insecurity Closely Linked." New research is showing that HIV and a lack of access to food are interwoven. Food insecurity can cause opportunistic infections and worsening responses to treatment in people living with HIV, but it can also lead to risky or violent sexual practices that contribute to HIV infections. In contrast, the research indicates that treatment with antiretroviral medications is linked to increases in food security and overall wellbeing.

Huffington Post - "Saving More Lives Than Ever."  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote this article for the Huffington Post to detail how the United States is working to unify and integrate its public health efforts worldwide.  From refocusing on sustainable health systems to learning more about what health services are most needed where, Secretary Clinton writes that the US and its global health partners are making an impact.

Jane Coaston is Media Relations Coordinator for the Foundation, based in Washington, D.C.