What We Do

Fundação Ariel Glaser leads HIV prevention, care, and treatment support activities in twenty-five districts in Maputo and Cabo Delgado Provinces, Mozambique. Within these twenty-five districts, 183 sites provide HIV prevention services and 79 sites offer HIV care and treatment services. As Fundação Ariel Glaser grows, the organization plans to expand to other provinces in Mozambique to support increased access to essential HIV-related services.

Fundação Ariel Glaser is working closely with government structures in order to build local capacity for financial, strategic planning, and technical improvement of the provincial and district health directorates, health units, and community organizations. Fundação Ariel fully supports the Ministry of Health policies concerning the integration of HIV services (among others) with a special emphasis on the health of mothers and children. Fundação Ariel Glaser also is strongly committed in supporting pre-service Institutions, thereby contributing to an increase in the quantity and quality of health personnel in Mozambique.

1. Provide clinical, technical and financial support for delivery and expansion of HIV prevention, care and treatment services.
2. Strengthen data analysis, use, and management to improve quality of service delivery and health management.
3. Build capacity of health system at provincial and district levels to provide client focused health services.
4. Effective community participation in strengthening health service delivery.