About Us

In 2010, EGPAF created a transition strategy resulting in the creation of Fundação Ariel Glaser Contra o SIDA Pediátrico (Fundação Ariel Glaser) a recognized National Foundation as per the Council of Ministers in February 2011 via Prime-Ministers Resolution number 6/2011 of February, 14 2011 followed by a constitutive General Assembly in March 30, 2011 giving existence to a new and legally established Foundation in Mozambique. Fundação Ariel in an affiliate of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatirc AIDS Foundation (EGPAF), an American organization with the mission of fighting pediatric AIDS.

The original idea was for EGPAF to pass on its activities to Fundação Ariel Glaser  in phases and province by province. In accordance with this strategy, all the personnel from a province would transfer from EGPAF to Fundação Ariel Glaser, this way preventing distortions from occurring as far as possible when implementing its work or a drop in the quality of the services rendered. Initially, Fundação Ariel Glaser was financed by EGPAF until to received direct funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Pevention (CDC) in October 2011.

Fundação Ariel works to eliminate pediatric AIDS and provide care and treatment for people living with HIV in Mozambique. Fundação Ariel Glaser implements innovative strategies to respond to the national HIV epidemic and to ensure access to sustainable health services for children, women, and families.
In collaboration with the Mozambique Ministry of Health and partners including EGPAF, Fundação Ariel Glaser supports the provision of high-quality HIV services and ensures that efforts to reach the goal of the elimination of pediatric AIDS are well-integrated into existing provincial and district health systems.

Governing Structure

Fundação Ariel Glaser's Board of Directors is comprised of reputable Mozambican and foreign citizens, holding professional memberships with a number of government and civil society institutions, and working as a multi-disciplinary team. Fundação Ariel Glaser's governing structures are constituted by a General Assembly of 16 members headed by Dr. Sinai Nhatitima. A Board of Directors with 5 members headed by Dr. Nurbai Calu and a Fiscal Committee of 3 members headed by Dr. Graça Fumo.The management team is headed by Dr. Paula Vaz, pediatrician and pioneer in pediatric AIDS in Mozambique.

Fundação Ariel Glaser Contra o SIDA Pediátrico will work to strengthen the public sector and civil society institutions for the prevention, treatment, and mitigation of the impact of HIV/AIDS by way of training, research, legal affairs, and the implementation of family-orientated healthcare programs.

Work in an innovative way to eliminate pediatric HIV/AIDS in Mozambique.

Amor [Love]

1. Increase the number of HIV+ pregnant women, children and relatives receiving quality PMTCT, prevention, care and treatment services;
2. Improve handling of cases of malnutrition; 
3. Improve follow-up of patients in PMTCT, Prevention, Care and Treatment in the community;
4. Strengthen the monitoring, assessment, and survey system to improve the quality of interventions;
5. Strengthen institutional development and transparent management of resources; and
6. Strengthened image of Fundação Ariel as a national NGO in the fight for pediatric AIDS relief.