Molem’s story

October 2, 2014

"Getting an HIV test during my pregnancy would have given my child the opportunity to be born HIV-free"

Molem, now 8 years-old, tested HIV-positive in 2011 when he was five. He has since been treated at University Hospital of Treichville’s pediatric ward. He does not have any difficulties with his mother or family.

Very quick-witted, he often asks his mother questions about his health. She tries to comfort him as best she can, but has difficulty explaining the situation. As he is still quite young, Molem does not know his HIV status.

The situation makes his mother sad and she often cries when she is alone. She was not tested for HIV while she was pregnant. But since her son was diagnosed, she agreed to take a test which came back positive for HIV.

Thanks to the work and support of Molem’s pediatrician and psychologists, his mother is now coming to terms with the situation. She dreams of a world where all children will be born free of HIV and invites all pregnant women to get tested for HIV.