October 2018

International Day of the Girl Child 2018: Stories That Inspire


Adolescent Care & Treatment; General

EGPAF is committed to ensuring that all girls can grow up to reach their full potential and we are currently working in 19 countries with high HIV-infection rates. EGPAF supports over 1.2 million people, including nearly 70,000 children, on lifesaving ARVs through its programs. Girls and women remain disproportionately affected by HIV—making up more than half of the 36.7 million people living with HIV—and in Sub-Saharan Africa, three in four new HIV infections among 15-19-year-olds are among girls. EGPAF services and programs provide access to adequate health services and information to enable young and adolescent girls to take control of their health. To end AIDS by 2030, it is critical that the global community addresses the challenges that girls face in their daily lives.

In honor of International Day of the Girl Child, we share three powerful stories of girls who have survived extraordinary circumstances and are inspiring others in their communities.


MERCY: Surviving Tuberculosis

My daughter is back to her normal playful self only after one month on the TB treatment. Doris Moya, mother of Mercy

Doris Muya despaired that her 18-month-old daughter, Mercy, would die from an unknown illness. She decided to take Mercy to the hospital, which required a nine-hour journey over washed-out roads. At the hospital, a quick-witted doctor ordered a chest x-ray and moments later explained that Mercy had tuberculosis (TB). She was immediately put on treatment, but because of the delay in diagnosis, much of Mercy’s lungs were destroyed.

PAIGE: Author, Advocate, and EGPAF Ambassador

I’ve been told there are so many things you can’t do, just because you’re #HIV positive. And that makes me want to do even more. Paige Rawl

After facing bullies, stigma, and an #HIV diagnosis, Paige Rawl embarked on a life of activism. Today, she is a fierce champion for HIV/AIDS education and anti-bullying advocacy. Through public speaking, empowering youth, and taking a firm stance against bullying, Paige is helping to change how a new generation thinks and talks about HIV/AIDS.


GABRIELLA: Surviving Trauma and Inspiring Girls in Her Community

I am happy to be able to help other young women overcome and live positively Gabriella Ferock

At 15 years old, Gabriella Ferock became a survivor of sexual abuse. The trauma of the incident was only the beginning of Ferock’s harsh new reality. Not only was Ferock HIV-positive living in a community with deep-rooted stigma and discrimination facing those living with HIV, but further tests also revealed that she was pregnant.  Today, she is a peer counselor and is helping other girls in her community going through difficult circumstances.


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