June 2018

20 Years of Lifesaving Partnership with Jewelers for Children



Every year, members of the jewelry industry from around the world gather in Las Vegas to celebrate the amazing efforts of the organization Jewelers for Children (JFC). This year, the celebration was extra special, in that JFC was celebrating its 20th year of helping children in need!

EGPAF was pleased to help celebrate this milestone, as JFC is such an important and dedicated partner. EGPAF’s partnership with JFC began in 1998 when they selected EGPAF to be one of four Legacy Charities. During this time, EGPAF was beginning to support the international mothers, children, and families who were desperately in need of the services becoming available in the United States.

JFC has continued to help EGPAF make a difference an on immense scale. Through the years, JFC has raised millions of dollars to help children in need. This nationwide successful fundraising is due to the continuing generosity of jewelry trade organizations, jewelry and watch manufacturing companies, jewelry retail stores, individual jewelry professionals, and jewelry consumers.

Twenty years later, the impact of this longstanding partnership is evident in the progress made towards ending AIDS in children worldwide. In fact, earlier this week, JFC revealed a generous 2018 commitment of $425,000 to help EGPAF continue its efforts to create the first AIDS-free generation.

On Sunday, EGPAF debuted a celebratory video featuring Elizabeth Glaser’s son, Jake Glaser, which highlights the remarkable impact of this steadfast partnership.

There are thousands of children around the world who are HIV-positive and alive and thriving, just like I am. Because of your support. It is because of over 20 years of partnership and Jewelers for Children’s dedicated efforts that we’ll create an AIDS-free future. And for that, I thank you. Jake Glaser

Jake, an ambassador for EGPAF, is an HIV-positive adult who today is healthy, happy, and thriving thanks to the longtime work and partnership of EGPAF and JFC.

With its 2018 contribution, JFC has now donated more than $12 million to fund EGPAF’s lifesaving prevention and treatment programs, research, and advocacy. These critical funds enable EGPAF to reach the mothers, children, and families who need our help the most with prevention, care, and treatment services. This year’s contribution is a testament to the organizations’ shared and steadfast commitment to children worldwide, and to the first AIDS-free generation.

EGPAF is grateful for the incredible support from JFC and its members, and JFC’s renewed commitment to help children suffering worldwide from the HIV/AIDS epidemic.