September 2017

Get to Know EGPAF Ambassador Martha Cameron

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You may already know that EGPAF Ambassador Martha Cameron is a champion of our work, a leading educator on HIV prevention and stigma, and a proud staffer at Every Orphan’s Hope, a nonprofit that helps Zambian children find new families after losing parents to HIV/AIDS. But did you also know that she’s a geek for Apple products and loves Boyz II Men? We put Martha in the hot seat so you could get to know her better. Read on to learn more about Martha!

Many Americans, particularly young people, are taking an interest in advocacy and activism for the first time. What advice would you give to them as they are starting out?

There’s nothing worse than advocating for something when you don't have all the facts about it or simply because it's the new thing that everyone is in to. I have a huge respect for people who are part of a cause when they themselves may not be affected by it personally, but they are concerned and passionate regardless. Educate yourself, get to know people who are affected if you yourself are not, and believe in what you stand for. It's the only way you can fight, no matter what the opposition is or how hopeless it may look!

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as an activist/advocate?

Being an advocate is okay when you win, or when you feel good. But there are days when it’s hard to deal with my health, to access health care, and to be thinking about my kids’ future. There are simply good days and bad days, but you stay strong and hold on to hope. My faith plays a huge role in that.

Outside of your work on HIV/AIDS, what is a social justice cause you’re passionate about?

Human rights in general, especially as they relate to poverty and the developing world.

Is there anything you’re a total geek about, and why?

Apple Products! I might have the oldest phone or computer, but they still update and are still cool to use.

If you could wake up tomorrow with a new talent that you did not have to put any effort into learning, what would it be and why?

Skiing. I am so fascinated by it. But I do not like very cold weather and probably would be terrified of skiing.