November 2015

Bake, Climb, or Paint Until No Child Has AIDS

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Do you want to host a picnic, share your birthday, or participate in a race to support EGPAF? We are here to help you get started! EGPAF’s work is made possible by individuals like Jeremy Dixon, like Sam Hirsch, and like you. YOU can help continue the fight against pediatric HIV/AIDS by organizing any type of event and fundraising for EGPAF.

With our new online fundraising platform,, you have the ability to get creative, choose a word, and _______ (Bake, Climb, Run) until no child has AIDS! It’s that simple. Whether you are hosting a happy hour, a fun run, an office competition, or a fashion show, integrate our mission into your event to spread awareness to your guests and help the 600 babies infected every day with HIV.

Take a stand with EGPAF and Join us until no child has AIDS.

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