December 2014

25. #OneREDday To Raise Awareness

Created by:

Dr. Mohammed Ali Mahdi



Our friends at RED asked "How would you raise awareness about HIV/AIDS if you had #oneREDday?" Swaziland Country Director, Dr. Mohammed Ali Mahdi, answered.

As the country director of EGPAF Swaziland, I have seen astounding progress against AIDS in children over the past ten years.

Swaziland is one of the countries hit hardest by AIDS. Yet more than 117,000 pregnant women in Swaziland have been tested for HIV through the programs we support, with 97% of pregnant women who test positive enrolling in services to prevent the transmission of HIV to their children. An infant in Swaziland with HIV-positive parents can be HIV-free.

We have gained this ground by collaborating with vital partners — powered by strong political will in Swaziland, the United States, and other key countries.

I would give a pep talk to the policymakers in the united states and the countries most affected by HIV. And i would send a message out to everyone around the world to cheer on those who are working to end pediatric AIDS. Make some noise to motivate policymakers to stay the course! Every marathoner knows that the last miles are the hardest. NOW is the time to lengthen our stride — until no child has AIDS.

We can finally see the finish line just ahead — an AIDS-free generation. But there is still some distance to cover. And every marathoner knows that the last miles are often the hardest.

Moleskine and (RED) are joining forces to rally the creative community around the fight against AIDS with a new Special Edition #oneREDday Collection which will raise awareness and generate resources for The Global Fund

Because an AIDS-free generation is not just a dream, from November 24 through December 26 we are highlighting 25 ways that EGPAF, our partners, and every-day people are helping and/or can help make it a reality. Pediatric HIV/AIDS is solvable, but we can't do it alone. Each and every one of us has an important role to play.