December 2014

11. Knowledge is Power: Test your HIV/AIDS IQ

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Today, nearly 700 children will contract HIV from their mom in utero, during childbirth, or from her breast milk. More importantly, 90% of these new HIV infections are preventable — but not enough people know this. So we’ve created a quick, three-question quiz to educate people about mother-to-child transmission.


For every person who takes the quiz, Jewelers for Children (JFC) will donate $5 toward EGPAF’s lifesaving HIV-prevention, -treatment, and -support services that keeps mothers healthy and their babies HIV-free. Take the quiz today!

Because an AIDS-free generation is not just a dream, from November 24 through December 26, we are highlighting 25 ways that EGPAF, our partners, and every-day people are helping and/or can help make it a reality. Pediatric HIV/AIDS is solvable, but we can't do it alone. Each and every one of us has an important role to play.