April 2014

Building Skate Parks for an AIDS-free Future

Created by:

Jake Glaser



I have been working with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) for many years to support its mission to ensure that no child has AIDS. My mom, Elizabeth Glaser, and her two best friends, Susan DeLaurentis and Susie Zeegen, co-founded EGPAF in order give HIV-positive children, like me, a voice in the fight against AIDS.

My own organization, Modern Advocate, was born in a very similar way. Like my mother, my friends and I sat around my living room table and decided to take a lifestyle we hold dear to our hearts—alternative sports—and use it as an platform for health education and community growth. We only have one rule; we must work as a team.

And now, my co-founders and I are incredibly excited to announce that, after a long year of development and hard work, we are launching Modern Advocate's first community project—Project Eleuthera!

We will be donating a mini-skateboarding park to support the local community of Eleuthera, Bahamas and to celebrate its dedication to HIV/AIDS awareness.

We are proud to have support from EGPAF, the Eleuthera Foundation, the ONEXONE Foundation, OC Ramps, and Hurley, to help young people living in Eleuthera have a healthy and safe place to skateboard. We are stoked that our skate park will help amplify and support Eleuthera's ongoing efforts for an HIV/AIDS-free Bahamas.

Stay tuned to learn more about the park’s grand unveiling. We are looking forward to sharing the journey with you all as we empower the youth of the Bahamas. Unite and amplify!

Learn more about Project Eleuthera and Modern Advocate.

Jake Glaser is an EGPAF Ambassador , Founder of Modern Advocate, and Elizabeth Glaser’s son. He is a powerful advocate in the effort to end AIDS in children worldwide.