March 2014

Zambia: Community Elders Promote Early Childhood Development

Created by:

Racine Tucker-Hamilton




“I think it’s important to work on issues related to HIV and AIDS because it’s a problem in our community. Because of my age, I can have a big impact and people here believe me and listen to older women in the community.”

Miniva Chalwe, 59,  is one of nearly two dozen volunteers at the Mount Makulu Clinic in Zambia. She helps the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) identify children in her community who are suffering from developmental delays.  Chalwe is part of EGPAF’s “Survive and Thrive” initiative in Zambia. The program is an early childhood development collaboration between EGPAF, the Ministry of Health, and Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.  It aims to support children under five who live in high density, high-HIV-prevalence areas of Lusaka so that they can realize their full cognitive, social, emotional, and physical potentials.

Visit the Zambian country page to learn more about EGPAF’s work in the country.